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Forum Shop? lol...? Empty Forum Shop? lol...?

Post by ThatOneGuy on Sun Nov 08, 2015 6:26 pm

So, uh, TOG here. As you can tell, the forums have been very busy (sarcasm). However, despite its emptiness, I decided to make a forum shop for some reason. I guess I think it's fun? Maybe idk. So, like, the currency will be... DONATIONS! 1 donation = 1 coin. At the end of each month, I convert your donations (in game) into coins (leaving will hurt your coin bank!). These coins can be used to buy stuff on the forums and stuff. 10/10 explanation.

Special rank of your choice: 8000 coins

Wow, one item... Well, you can help me expand this shop by giving me ideas on what to add for it!
Just PM me or tell me in the clan chat (if I'm on).

yeah this was a bad idea...

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