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September GIVEAWAY [ENDED] Empty September GIVEAWAY [ENDED]

Post by ThatOneGuy on Sun Aug 30, 2015 3:54 pm


During the month of September, the KH clan will do a giveaway thingy. Winner of this months giveaway will have a choice of one of these three prizes: $10 iTunes gift code, $10 Amazon gift code, or a personal drawing from Leina as requested (digital or traditional art).

A winner will be randomly selected at the end of the month. The more entries you have, the higher chances of winning. Getting entries will be simple. You get 1 entry for every 100 donations you have on 9/30 (leaving and coming back will reduce your entries). You get 1 entry for every 1000 troops you receive (again, leaving and coming back will reduce your entries). You also get 1 entry for getting 4-5 stars in clan wars, while earning 6 stars gets you 2 entries. Periodically, there will also be a Question of the Day posted in clan mail for a chance to win 1 entry. You will also get 10 entries if you make a forum account (if you haven't already) and post 5 things, whether it be replies or topics. Have fun, stay active, and clash on!    
 PM me, Tsubasaki, or Leina if you have any questions.
                                     - TOG

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