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Top 5 fav anime Empty Top 5 fav anime

Post by leina24 on Mon Aug 31, 2015 7:45 pm

Hey guys! I know theres a lot of anime out there and so many that I personally enjoy... But it's good to hear what u guys like best! So list your TOP 5 favorite anime here and a real quick synopsis or theme of the story! Or why u like it! Here's mine:

1. CLANNAD- this anime will make you CRY. I'm serious, saddest anime out there im sure. Most of the sad parts are heartwarming tho, and the overall story and art is rather beautiful! Revolves around the high school life of an ex- delinquent. Kind of.

2. Angel Beats!- another sad anime! Story takes place in the afterlife of kids who died with their life unfulfilled. Heartwarming, beautiful, and mind blowing concept. I love it.

3. Pokemon anime series- XY is by far my favorite right now! New artist did pokemon some good. Plus the stories are more memorable and Ash... Ah! He's so mature! And I totally ship ash and serena... Lol. Newest episode featured the legendary pokemon moltres. So OP

4. Tokyo Ghoul- kind of has a dark and gory theme, so if u dont like that don't watch it. The first season opening theme is by far one of my favorite anime openings! The story is great and artwork is beautiful for a gore anime.

5. Detective Conan- now running on 700+ episodes! this anime is as old as pokemon. Most are filler episodes, unfortunately, so it can get boring at times. Lots of murder mysteries, so if u like that u will like this. If u dont have time for 700+ eps! I suggest u google the most recent list of eps that matter and watch em, so u can skip fillers. The main story line is great! (U just have to get past those dang fillers...)
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Top 5 fav anime Empty Re: Top 5 fav anime

Post by ThatOneGuy on Mon Aug 31, 2015 8:41 pm

leina24 wrote:I totally ship ash and serena

ew. i dunno what my top 5 anime are, but Angel Beats is definitely my fav <333

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Top 5 fav anime Empty Re: Top 5 fav anime

Post by Tifa Lockhart on Tue Sep 01, 2015 6:05 pm

Very tough indeed. In no specific order my top 5 will have to be:

Fate Zero
Steins; Gate
Tokyo Ghoul
Attack on Titan (Mainstream but i finished it within 16 hours... so i must say it holds your interest really well)
Sword Art Online (Also mainstream but it was unique as hell when it first came out, the soundtrack is top quality too on par with the Final Fantasy series)

There is also a few worth mentioning which hit me really hard IRL very well:
School Days
White Album 1&2
Shinsekai Yori (English name: From The New world)
Angel Beats
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Top 5 fav anime Empty Re: Top 5 fav anime

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